2012- Titan Pegasus

Rebound Rumble

Titan Pegasus was able to accomplish every aspect of the game in the 2012 game "Rebound Rumble". From picking up foam basketballs off the floor to shooting accurately in all three levels of hoops, Titan Pegasus was the Micheal Jordan of FIRST. Team Titanium spent the first week brainstorming how to get the balls into all three levels of hoops with a high accuracy ratio. After much prototyping, the team decided on a flywheel concept paired with a conveyor belt. This design easily lifted the balls off the ground, rolled them up to the wheel, and shot them out the other side at a speedy pace. During the season the team was very successful, winning two tournaments (Kansas City and St. Louis) and earning the Engineering Inspiration award at Kansas City. We had a great year with a great game.

Official Game Animation

World Championships 2012

St. Lous Regional