The R-7 Alliance

Along with Lee’s Summit High School’s Team 1730 “Team Driven“, and Lee’s Summit North High School’s Team 1987 “Broncobots“, we are a part of the Lee’s Summit R-7 Robotics Alliance, formerly known as Summit Robotics Alliance. One of the primary goals of the alliance is to assist each other and spread the word of FIRST throughout the community and beyond.
  • Presentations in the State Capitol, and reception of Missouri House of Representatives and Senate proclamations
  • A multi-part series by the Lee’s Summit Journal highlighting the alliance and each team
  • Presentations for the local government, such as Lee’s Summit R-7 School Board meetings, and a Lee’s Summit City Council meeting
  • Presentations for various other local groups
  • A yearly pancake breakfast
  • A year-end celebration
  • Yearly open houses during the build season
  • Saturday night dinners during build season
In both 2009 and 2010 all three members of the alliance qualified and competed in the World Championships in Atlanta. In 2011 and 2013, all three teams competed in the World Championships in St. Louis. As far as we can verify, the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District is the only district in the nation to send three or more teams to the Championships in a single year.
The members of the alliance have become ever closer thanks to a bond issue passed by voters in April 2010. A Robotics Center was created at Lee’s Summit High School that allows for all three teams to have storage, meeting space, and places to build their robots.

The LS R-7 Robotics Alliance has appeared together many times, such as in: