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The Infinite Recharge game involves two alliances of three teams each, with each team controlling a robot and performing specific tasks on a field to score points. The game centers around a futuristic city theme involving two alliances consisting of three teams each competing to perform various tasks, including shooting foam balls known as Power Cells into high and low goals to activate a Shield Generator, manipulating a Control Panel to activate this shield, and returning to the Shield Generator to park or climb at the end of the match. The objective is to energize and activate the shield before the match ends and asteroids strike FIRST City, a futuristic city modeled after Star Wars.

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2019 - Armstrong

In DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE, Presented By The Boeing Company, we join two competing ALLIANCES collecting samples on Planet Primus. Unpredictable terrain and weather patterns make remote ROBOT operation essential to their mission on the planet. With only 2:30 until liftoff, the ALLIANCES must gather as many CARGO pods as possible and prepare their spaceships before the next SANDSTORM arrive

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2018 - Mantis

FIRST® POWER UP, is played by two alliances compete in a retro video game for control of scales and switches to win the game.

Mantis can reach up to seven feet using a 3 stage cascading elevator giving her the height she needs to claim her scale. Her sprung side roller intake allows her to grab the cube as soon as she can touch them. By disengaging the first two stages of her elevator she can hoist her self up twelve inches on two 775Pro Motors. Her giant wings can unfold to carry one or both of her alliance members up to score big.

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Power Up video

Match video: 


2017 - Athena

FIRST® STEAMWORKS, the 2017 Robotics Competition game, invites two adventure clubs from an era in which technology relied on steam power to prepare their airships for the ultimate long distance race.

Athena has an eight-wheel mecanum drive-train; allowing her to accelerate and glide across the field. She also contains a shooter powered by four 775Pro motors, three Andymark 8” rubber wheels and a pneumatically actuated hood. One of her other prominent features is her hopper, containing a 3D printed “paintball gun” impeller that feeds fuel at approximately eight balls per second. Rounding off her impressive features is a climber able to propel Athena in roughly six seconds.


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Steamworks video:

2016 - Stanley

FIRST® STRONGHOLD is played by two alliances of three teams each. Alliances compete against each other to breach their opponent's defences, known as outer works, and capture their tower. They score points by crossing elements of their opponents' outer works, scoring boulders in their opponents' tower goals, and surrounding and scaling their opponents' tower itself.

Stanley uses four CIM motors that power 8” pneumatic wheels geared to defeat all obstacles in his path and accelerate past defenders. His shooter is a crafted catapult that launches boulders from just beyond the tower. He has an impeccable climber utilizing two 85” tape measures deploying hooks in order to ascend the tower.


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Stronghold Video:

2015 - STAX

FIRST® RECYCLE RUSH, in which two alliances of three teams compete to score points by stacking yellow and grey totes, stacking recycle bins on top of those, and getting litter either into the recycle bins or into the landfill zone. STAX can not only build its own full stacks of totes, but it can also add on to its alliance partners' stacks. Team Titanium developed an omni-directional, 12-wheel custom drive base built for precise motion and maneuverability in tight places. Six CIM motors drive omni wheels in both the X and Y direction, allowing agile movement in all directions. STAX is filled with multiple sensors and advanced control methods to enhance performance; Optical Wheel Encoders, Gyro, 10-Turn Potentiometer, Limit Switches, and Slew Rate Acceleration Control.

To see more about STAX or FIRST® RECYCLE RUSH watch these videos:

Reveal Video

Recycle Rush Video

2014 - Tusk

FIRST® AERIAL ASSIST is a competition in which alliances have a goal of scoring the appropriate color of ball into their team's goal on the far end of the field to earn points. Aerial Assist is about teamwork, and Tusk was designed to be the MVP. Tusk has an 8-wheel, custom built drivebase built for speed and maneuverability. His gripper arm has multiple positions, manipulating the ball for all tasks without ever releasing its tight grip. Tusk's linear ram shooting method provides the accurate, repeatable results needed to make the important high-goal shot reliably. Tusk can maximize auto scoring for the alliance. All autonomous scripts include "hot" goal target detection and forward movement into the alliance zone. He is also filled with multiple sensors and advanced control methods to enhance performance.

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Reveal Video

Aerial Assist Video:

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2013 - The Kraken

FIRST® ULTIMATE ASCENT is a competition in which alliances compete to score points by shooting discs into goals of varying difficulty. The Kraken is a compact, fast, rapid-fire player with capabilities for every aspect of the game. He has an 8-wheel, 2-speed, mixed-wheel drivetrain that provides speed and performance for the high traffic game. The Kraken has dual floor loading that maximizes disc aquisition opportunities. The extra wide intake can load two discs simultaneously. The Kraken is built for autonomous scoring. Gyro steering control, encoder measurement, under-pyramid clearance, dual floor pick-up, and a strong, accurate shooter allow us to score seven discs in the 3-point goal. We use an underhand pull-up-and-hold climbing method from the inside of the pyramid to achieve a 10, 20, or 30-point climb. The Kraken reaches level 3 in approximately 20 seconds.

To see more about The Kraken or FIRST® ULTIMATE ASCENT watch these videos:

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Ultimate Ascent Video

2012 - Titan Pegasus

FIRST® REBOUND RUMBLE is a competition in which alliances compete to score points by shooting foam basketballs into hoops of varying heights and value. Pegasus is a compact, versatile, and robust basketball player. We developed a mixed wheel drivetrain and custom made 10.5" diameter wheels to allow us to glide over the barrier and have good maneuverability. We shoot with a high success rate from any position around the key or fender of our shooter. Our front arm has multiple purposes from gathering balls to lifting the bridge. We have an ultra-wide ball intake to collect them rapidly. Pegasus is built to balance. Our wide fram maximizes the room for us and our partners to maneuver, and our short stature lets us balance quickly. Pegasus has multiple autonomous programs to adapt to our alliance partners abilities.

To see more about Pegasus or FIRST® REBOUND RUMBLE watch these videos:

Reveal Video

Rebound Rumble Video

2011 - Final Force

FIRST® LOGOMOTION is a competition in which alliances have a goal of placing inflated tubes shaped as elements of the FIRST logo on racks in order to create the logo. Final Force has a two-speed shifting drivetrain in or to traverse the entire field quickly and break through defense in the midfield. Our ultra-wide gripper allows us to increace pick-up and hanging efficiency. Final Force uses a unique "V"-rail telescopiong elevator design with in-line skate wheels that lets us move to positions quickly. In the autonomous period, Final Force delivers reliable ubertube hangs, then positions itself for a quick start to teleop. Final Force's minibot deployment requires no precise alignment, and the little guy can achieve a typical climb of 1.20 seconds. He has an overall weight of 2 lbs. 9 oz.

To see more about Final Force or FIRST® LOGOMOTION watch these videos:

Reveal Video

LogoMotion Video

2010 - Force 3

FIRST® BREAKAWAY is a game in which alliances play with the objective of kicking or rolling soccer balls into the goals at their end of the field. Force 3 is a simple, fast, and robust soccer player. We designed an original swerve drive module to meet th needs of Breakaway like ground clearance, frame options, and a wide stance.  A software assisted "auto pilot" that makes the bump on the field manageable. Force 3 can kick a light tap, clear the field, and everything in between, at any time. Our flexible ball receiver dampens the ball's momentum from the return rack and deflects it in front of us where we want it. Force 3 has a ball sensor to detect balls our driver can't see. We can run auto from all positions with nine different modes that are all variations on the same basic program.

To see more about Force 3 or FIRST® BREAKAWAY watch these videos:

Reveal Video

Breakaway Video


2009 - Force 2

FIRST® LUNACY is a game in which the objective is scoring as many Moon Rocks and Super Cells into the oppontent's trailer as possible. Force 2 is unique when it comes to Moon Rock shooters. He has an infinitely adjustable launching distance by controlling the length of the pneumatic catapult stroke to the millisecond. We bring a powerful and strategic advantage to our alliance by delivering empty cells in the fastest way possible... we throw them. Force 2 is a shooting threat from almost any angle. Our 270-degree turret range gives us shooting ability in virtually any direction. Force 2 takes full advantage of the power of the vision camera and C-Rio controller with "Vision Lock" shooting. Force 2 can only hold five balls, btu we believe that moon rocks are more valuable in play than in storage.

To see more about Force 2 or FIRST® LUNACY watch these videos:

Reveal Video

Lunacy Video

2008 - Force

FIRST® OVERDRIVE is a game in which the objective is for each member of an alliance to move around the field as quickly as possible, scorring the trackballs in their goals as they move. Force's design goals were small stature, light weight, acceleration,  high speed, and maneuverability. He has a four-motor mecanum wheel drive that allows omnidirectional movement on a dime. Force utilizes a four-wheel independent spring loaded suspension to give each wheel consistent ground contact. He uses three independent ultrasonic range sensors to "see" its way. We have multiple hybrid period programs, since the dual configuration implies two different approaches to the game. Force has a unique suction ball gripper that attaches to the trackball simply by approaching it and making contact.

To see more about Force or FIRST® OVERDRIVE watch these videos:

Denver Comp. Video:

Overdrive Video

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