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Rookie Mindstorms Robotics Camp – Students will learn to program LEGO Mindstorms robots. 

This camp is for students with no LEGO programming experience who have finished 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th grade.  Students will work in small groups to program LEGO robots and build robot attachments to complete specified challenges. There will be an exhibition tournament on Friday.

Date: June 3-7                                                   8:30 - 11:30                  LSW Lecture Hall                Camp Fee - $100

Date: June 3-7                                                   1:00 - 4:00                    LSW Lecture Hall                Camp Fee - $100



WeDo Camp – Students who have finished K, 1st, or 2nd grade will be introduced to robotics in this fun adventure.  Students will build LEGO models featuring working motors and sensors; program their models; and participate in related activities.  

Date: June 10-13  (Mon.-Thur.)                     8:30 - 11:30                LSW Lecture Hall                Camp Fee - $100

Go For It! Science and Engineering Camp - This fast-paced, hands-on experience is full of engineering projects and science activities. We’ll build structures, launch rockets, discover electronics, experiment with chemical reactions, and learn about robots. We’ll show that science really is FUN!  Targeting students finishing 3rd, 4th or, 5th grade.  (6th welcome too!)

Date: June 10-13  (Mon.-Thur.)                    1:00-4:30                       LSW Lecture Hall                Camp Fee - $100

Veteran Mindstorms Robotics Camp - Students with prior camp or FLL programming experience will work in small groups to program more advanced tasks including use of sensors.  They will test skills by completing daily missions. There will be an exhibition tournament on Saturday afternoon.


Date:  June 14-15 (Fri.-Sat.)              9:00-4:00                      LSW Lecture Hall                 Camp Fee - $100 

The Lee’s Summit West High School’s FIRST robotics team, Team Titanium, offers these summer adventures to get students excited about the possibilities for their future in engineering, science, math, and technology. Camp sessions are led by engineers and teachers, with high school student volunteers mentoring small groups of students.

Questions may be directed to nancy.spatz@lsr7.net

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Phone: (816) 986-2092

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