Team Titanium has two FIRST teams, an FTC and FLL team. 

Freshmen and sophomores make up our FTC team and are mentored by titanium’s juniors and seniors. FTC stands for First Tech Challenge and requires teams to build a smaller robot and compete on alliances to win rounds. These robots are built with a reusable platform, android Technology, and coded with Java. FTC takes place during 1st semester and allows younger students to get their foot in the door before FRC.

Students of all ages are able to participate on the main FRC team. FRC, or First Robotics Competition, requires teams to build an industrial size robot and compete in alliances of 3 robots. The game is much more complicated than FTC and allows students to learn complicated mechanics and programming. FRC teams also compete for other awards such as Chairmans, Woodie Flowers, and Dean’s List.