Greetings FIRST-FRC Teams:
An exciting opportunity is available for your team to greatly increase its contact and collaboration with other  teams around the FRC community.  Need some urgent help with programming?  Want to show off your latest prototype?  How many teams are also working late tonight?  Imagine being able to meet face-to-face with your pick of many other FRC teams at any time during the hectic build season to seek help, share ideas, or offer your expertise!


FRSee is a virtual collaboration network of FIRST-FRC teams that stay in touch via Skype video conferencing.  While video-calling between FIRST teams is nothing new, getting them organized into a single nationwide network is groundbreaking.  By logging into the FRSee network during their build season working hours, teams can instantly seek or provide help at any time by browsing the list of online teams and initiating a video call.  The more teams that participate, the larger the collaboration community will be.  


​FRSee is now discontinued because of FIRST's various programs for mentorship of younger teams, however if you have any questions do not hesitate to call, email, or contact us on social media.