Jeff Spatz

Years with the Team: 12
Jeff is the mechanical and design mentor/coach of Team Titanium. Jeff has 17 years of industrial machine design experience. Jeff helps youth in the shop learn, discover, build, and achieve their vision. Jeff is extremely supportive and ensures members get hands on experience and learn about real life engineering problems and solutions. Jeff’s favorite part about robotics is “seeing the robot move for the first time,” and enjoys sharing this thrill with students. Jeff supports the team in a big way with long hours and does not take a break until the robot is built.  Jeff loves to celebrate his birthday with the team every year on January 29th. An interesting fact about Jeff is, he was the drum major of his high school marching band.
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2020 Schedule
Greater Kansas City
February 27 - March 1
March 18 - 21
​Freshmen: 15
Sophomores: 6
Juniors: 5
Seniors: 14
Coaches: 4 
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