About Us

Our team was started after school booster club members heard about the FIRST program and became interested in it. The Kauffman foundation issued our team a grant to help our team begin. We had a rough start when our coaches/mentors changed each year for the first three years. The mentors did not understand the commitment that the team would require. Our team was created in 2007, making this our 13th season. We are pleased to announce that our team gets better each season we compete, making it all the way to the Einstein field for the last two years in a row.


One of our biggest achievements is our outreach in our community. We find satisfaction in bringing STEM to young students, and hold several STEM camps over the summer. This helps us to mentor several FLL and FLL Jr. teams. We also enjoy helping other FIRST teams at tournaments that we compete at. We love when we get the chance to help other teams and embody the idea of gracious professionalism.

Tea smiling.JPG

One of the proudest parts of our team is the sense of family and community. We pride ourselves in being accepting of all members of our team. We are part of the R-7 alliance with the other teams in our school district. We work together

to put on a scrimmage at the beginning of the season for teams from around our area to come and try their robots on a practice field.  The name Team Titanium was formed out of our high school mascot, the Titan. With some intense thinking, we created a name that combined    the mascot with an industrial and robust material and thus Titanium    was born. The angry looking eyes are a trademark of Team Titanium and 

Them Eyes (Now Ft. Outline).png

come to us from one of our original sponsors, Billy Goat. Instead of using the royal blue school color of Lee's Summit West, Team Titanium went with a kelly green, modeling the main color used by Billy Goat Industries.