Stronghold- Week 1

On Saturday, January 9, 2016, Team Titanium ate pancakes and watched the Kickoff reveal with Team Driven (FRC 1730), hosted by the Broncobots (FRC 1987). We had a lot of fun eating and speculating what the game may be.

After watching the Stronghold reveal video, Team Titanium went back to the school library for a brainstorming session. We spent a lot of time closely reading and discussing the rules, and imagining how Stronghold will be played.

On Monday, Team Titanium began meeting at the build site. Subteams began working on a variety of tasks. Mechanical and robot design teams started prototyping and using CAD to design drivetrains, mechanisms, and other robot parts. The programming and electrical teams have been working on prototypes, all the while thinking ahead to plan for autonomous situations. The management team has also contributed to brainstorming discussions and has started on writing award essays.

Here is a sneak preview of our shooter!

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