Stronghold- Week 2

On Saturday, Team Titanium joined the Broncobots (FRC Team 1987) and Team Driven (FRC Team 1730) once more. This time, the three teams enjoyed a potluck dinner in the R7 Alliance Shared Space.

In other R7 Alliance news, the teams also collaborated during the week to plan a collection drive for Hope House, a local battered women’s shelter. During the next week, teams will be competing to see who can raise the most donation items.

Meanwhile, mechanical subteams have continued prototyping different robot ideas. Between designing the chassis and testing different robot mechanisms, our mechanics have been hard at work. The electrical subteam has also been busy running tests on a variety of sensors.

This week the business team turned temporarily into an animation crew. After a long week of learning how to use animation software, they created a submission for the Safety Animation Award.

Check out the animation below!

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