Stronghold- Week 3

Last Saturday, Team Titanium met up with the Broncobots (FRC Team 1987) and Team Driven (FRC Team 1730) for one final R7-Alliance pot luck. All three teams really enjoyed hanging out, relaxing, and of course, eating food.

The three teams are also still in the midst of their Hope House collection drive. Teams are competing to see which team can bring in the most goods in one week.

At the shop, Team Titanium has been extremely busy. The mechanical subteam has been hard at work picking designs and assembling the robot. New members have gotten a lot of experience working with the machines, and now feel confident and are a great support in fabrication.

The programmers also appear to have been working hard. However, they are hiding in their cardboard fortress while they work, so the rest of us aren’t really sure.

The management team has been working hard all week on essays and award submissions- although they may have been having a bit too much fun with their section of the white board.

All in all, Team Titanium has been putting in a lot of hours during the week. This has been extremely evident in the exponentially increasing caffeine consumption.

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