Stronghold- Week 4

The Hope House collection drive is complete! The Broncobots (FRC Team 1987) came in first with 2700 points

worth of toilet paper, medicine, socks and underwear, and other household goods. Team Titanium came in second with 1350 points and Team Driven (FRC Team 1730) finished third (650 points). This means that Team Driven will be providing ice cream at the next three team social. Over all, the three teams raised over $5000 worth of goods for Hope House.

The management team has submitted all awards for the season. They are now working on informational brochures, promotional items, planning outreach events, and consuming ungodly amounts of Dairy Queen Ice Cream and Cheezits.

Mechanical, electrical, and programming subteams are making good progress in the shop. Can’t say much here, but the robot is shaping up quite nicely. The bumpers are being constructed as we type this. It appears that when it doubt, tape is the answer.

Next Sunday, Team Titanium will be hosting an Open House with The Broncobots and Team Driven. The week after that, the three teams will be hosting a week zero event for teams who want a chance to drive on the field.

Good luck, fellow FRC teams! Remember: there’s nothing an hour of sleep and an obscene amount of caffeine can’t fix.

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