SteamWorks Week 1

Week 1: the First Week.

Team Titanium got geared up on January 6th to see the FIRST Robotics Competition reveal video. We began the morning by eating a hearty breakfast of pancakes and sausage with our fellow R7-Alliance teams: Team Driven (1730), and Broncobots (1987). After some fuel and a bit of communication, all R7 members gathered together to watch the reveal of this year’s game. With the knowledge of this year’s game, Team Titanium gathered at our own space.

After our meeting on Saturday we all left feeling thrilled and satisfied that FIRST had made an excellent game this year! We began Monday by continuing what we had done on Saturday. After we finished old business, we separated into appropriate teams to begin work on our miscellaneous projects. Each team began to get comfortable in their area of the shop; and our new alumni, seniors from last year, began to adjust to their new positions.

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