SteamWorks Week 3

The team started off this week with a wonderful potluck with LSHS, LSN, and LSW. The environment was filled with excitement as the teams chattered with each other about school life and various activities outside of robotics. The potluck ended with warm goodbyes and countless “see you next time” as we all anticipate the next potluck.

As the underclassmen joined us on Tuesday and Thursday, we steadily progressed on our game plan. On Thursday students got busy working on the prototypes that they had been working on very hard since week one. By the end of the day the chassis was put together and ready for the famous green coat of epicness. Friday was a good day because we finally got to finish the prototype for the gear drop. Saturday the Hope House Drive points were tallied up to an enormous amount. The total amount will be published Monday, February 6th.

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