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About Us

In 2007, when the LSW heard about the FIRST program, they decided we needed a team. Jeff and Nancy Spatz, who were a part of our technology department, took charge to create Team Titanium. Back then, there wasn’t room for a shop at LSW so the local outdoor machinery company, Billy Goat, took us in. We, in turn, adopted their signature green as a sign of thanks. After a couple of years, we were able to move into our current shop at Lee’s Summit HS, along with the other two Lsr7 Alliance Teams. 


Team Titanium prides itself on our commitment to the community. Every summer our members work with elementary-aged kids, teaching them STEM during our summer camps. At these camps, kids are taught how to use their hands, think creatively, and code. Members also help out at FLL tournaments and FTC tournaments. 


Our team also strives to be a welcoming and safe place. At our shop, members of all backgrounds, gender, sexuality, and race consider each other family. We have regular team dinners and everyone is there to help each other out. The older students are able to pass on their wisdom to the younger students and the younger members are able to help create a new perspective. Members also help each other out with homework and offer each other a listening ear. 


At Team Titanium we are a family, and you are welcome to join us. 




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