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Team Titanium's mission is to promote STEM, promote FIRST Robotics, and prepare team members with the skills they need to succeed in the future, like leadership and communication skills. We share these values with FIRST, and we believe getting the message out is of most importance. Team Titanium prioritizes teaching younger children about STEM through our outreach efforts to change the culture, and so they can have the tools needed to succeed in the future. Many former members have found success in their careers as engineers, some even work for FIRST.

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Summer Camps

Scratch Camp, WeDo LEGO Camp, & Rookie FLL Mindstorms Camp

Team Titanium offers multiple summer camps each summer for kids grades K-6. Team members run camps that teach students robotics and programming basics including 2 WeDo LEGO Robotics camps, a Scratch programming camp, and an introductory FLL Robotics LEGO Mindstorms camp. 


Mentoring for FLL and FTC

Our team members volunteer as mentors for our sister FLL team, the Timberbots at an elementary school. Our students help foster a passion for robotics among the FLL team members. We have also started, sponsored, and mentored an FTC team and an additional FLL team.

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STEM Outreach

Burgers, Beakers, & Bots - a STEM carnival

Each year, Team Titanium hosts a free STEM carnival for elementary age students and their families at our school. We demonstrate and show off our robot and allow guests to test drive it under safe conditions. Students work with guests at stations with chemistry and physics demonstrations and activities, and an FLL team we help mentor brings their FLL robots. Coaches, parents, and mentors help cook and serve food. Our team members demonstrate their STEM knowledge and communication skills teaching and working with the young guests.

Community Service

Volunteering and helping in our community.

Team Titanium volunteers in our community. Team members volunteer at Wayside Waifs animal shelter. Each year we participate in a goods drive to benefit a local shelter families fleeing abusive situations. We compete with the other robotics teams in the LSR7 Alliance to gather clothing, paper goods, and other necessities for the women and their children in the shelter.

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